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Start Accepting Credit & Debit Cards At Your Marijuana Dispensary Today!

Offer your customers this GREAT CONVENIENCE and Increase your store sales 40-50% in dollar volume! We offer a safe and secure solution for dispensaries to accept the major credit & debit card brands including:

  • 4 Major Credit Card Brands Accepted
  • Secure and Safe U.S. Bank-Backed Processing Solutions
  • Transfer Funds Easily With Direct Deposit
  • Swipe Cards On The Spot With Our Terminal
  • Includes Mobile Swipe Application

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We also provide bank accounts, cash management, and e-check solutions for the cannabis industry!

eSmart Payments, established in 2010, operates with one goal in mind: to establish merchant accounts for high risk companies, while providing ongoing support to keep them active and processing.

Our aim is to avoid account closures by informing the merchant about up-to-date compliance policies & procedures, and providing the latest products and services being introduced in such a fast-changing marketplace. If it keeps you processing, it keeps us happy.

Is it legal to use credit card processing to purchase marijuana?

Yes. In fact, Visa and MasterCard have publicly stated they are comfortable processing transactions with marijuana dispensaries as long as the acquiring banks are complicit with processing these transactions. The Department of Justice and FinCEN have released guidance that states they will allow banks to participate in these transactions given there is proper oversight and controls.

The acquiring banks are responsible for demonstrating full transparency in marijuana dispensary transactions rather than labeling the transactions as herb shops or flower shops. We have found an acquiring bank that has agreed to work with us and operate within the regulations.

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Our success is dependent on YOU, the merchant. Without your success of sustainable and scalable processing, ours doesn’t exist. That’s why our dedication and commitment starts with the placement of your account into the proper processing channel. In addition to security and full industry compliance, our outstanding support provides our retailers with complete reporting tools which offer simple and risk-free access to payment histories. eSmart Payments’ experience and vast network of processing solutions both domestic and international provides optimum merchant account placement for your unique business. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we’re here for you.